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Sunday, 25 April, 2021

at daemon 3.2.2

There is a new version of at daemon, 3.2.2. I add one helper script, so the bump on the patch version.

You can download the source and the signature from http://software.calhariz.com/at/

The changelog:

at 3.2.1 (2019-08-04):
    Jose M Calhariz
	Include config.h on parsetime.l, see
	88a3bed41de234220f007c785e3aa45bd62446c6 for more info and
	original author.
	Check if libc provides __isleap() macro, see

at 3.2.2 (2021-04-25):
  Jose M Calhariz
	Add helper script batch-job

Thursday, 25 July, 2019

at daemon 3.2.0

There is a new version of at daemon, 3.2.0. It was implemented some new features, so the bump on the minor version.

You can download the source and the signature from http://software.calhariz.com/at/

The changelog:

at 3.2.0 (2019-07-24):
  Jose M Calhariz
        Print time of new job before the input of the commands, Closes #863045
        Do not drop seconds on -t option, Closes #792040
        Start using nice levels from 0 instead of 2. Closes #519716
        Correctly handle DST when specifying a UTC time. Closes #364975
  Gerhard Poul:
        Add flag to send email to other user. MR 5

Sunday, 21 July, 2019

New release of switchconf 0.0.16

I have not touched switchconf for a long time. Being at DebCamp19 was a good time to work on it.

I have moved the development of switchconf from a private svn repo to a git repo in salsa: https://salsa.debian.org/debian/switchconf Created a virtual host called http://software.calhariz.com were I will publish the sources of the software that I take care. Updated the Makefile to the git repo and released version 0.0.16.

You can download the latest version of switchconf from here: http://software.calhariz.com/switchconf

Tuesday, 29 December, 2015

Preview of switchconf 0.0.15-1

Since the last version 0.0.9 on Debian, I have made some changes until version 0.0.14. The version 0.0.15 is only to include a fix for the new findutils. I thank you to Andreas Metzler for the fix and the prompt NMU.

The files are here, take notice about the replaced ~ in the original by _:

switchconf_0.0.15.orig.tar.xz switchconf_0.0.15-1_wip1.debian.tar.xz switchconf_0.0.15-1_wip1_all.deb

If you need the dsc file, just ask me.

Here comes the changelog since 0.0.9, without the lastest NMU:

switchconf (0.0.15-1~wip1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low

  * New upstream version:
    * Replace 'find -perm +1' by 'find -perm /1', thank you Andreas
      Metzler for the patch and the NMU.
  * Add systemd service file, thank you Felipe Sateler for reviewing it.
  * Bump standards-version to 3.9.6, no changes needed.
  * New maintainer email address.

 -- Jose M Calhariz <jose@calhariz.com>  Tue, 29 Dec 2015 19:59:07 +0000

switchconf (0.0.14-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low

  * Force the use of bash, instead of a POSIX shell.

 -- Jose M Calhariz <jose.calhariz@ist.utl.pt>  Sun, 24 Aug 2014 04:37:04 +0100

switchconf (0.0.13-2) UNRELEASED; urgency=low

  * Add Homepage field pointing to alioth page of the project

 -- Jose M Calhariz <jose.calhariz@ist.utl.pt>  Sun, 02 Mar 2014 18:01:07 +0000

switchconf (0.0.13-1) wheezy; urgency=low

  * New upstream version:
    * Distribution tar is now compressed by xz
  * Change to source format 3.0 (quilt)

 -- Jose M Calhariz <jose.calhariz@ist.utl.pt>  Sun, 02 Mar 2014 15:56:31 +0000

switchconf (0.0.12-1) wheezy; urgency=low

  * Fixed some typos on switchconf

 -- Jose M Calhariz <jose.calhariz@ist.utl.pt>  Sun, 02 Mar 2014 15:39:09 +0000

switchconf (0.0.11-1) wheezy; urgency=low

  * New upstream version:
    * Makefile: add target dist-exp to build distribution files.
    * Add flag -f with the path to the configuration file.
  * Update debian/rules to version 0.24.
  * Update debian/control with new name and email address of Maintainer.
  * Update copyright.

 -- Jose M Calhariz <jose.calhariz@ist.utl.pt>  Sun, 16 Feb 2014 18:04:22 +0000

switchconf (0.0.10-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low

  * New upstream version:
    * Fix return code on error.
    * Use syslog system to report errors.

 -- Jose M Calhariz <jose.calhariz@ist.utl.pt>  Thu, 16 Jan 2014 20:23:46 +0000

Saturday, 1 February, 2014

Collect and keeps up to date the system information using sysinfoupdate

In 2005 I was looking for ways to auto collect information about a Linux server. The information was to be used in case of bare bones recovery. I didn't found a satisfactory program so I created one, sysinfoupdate. This program have been growing long this years and now is a system that helps to maintain a diary of a Linux Installation. The diary records all the important changes the sysadmin does to the system. This records can be used during recovery after a broken hardware or to detect what change may be causing a malfunction, for example.

It's use is very simple, create a diario directory in your home directory, for example /root/diario, and then run sysinfoupdate. Inside diario you will find a group files with textual information about your system. It works best if you run it as superuser and you keep track of the changes under a version control system, like subversion or git.

You can download the Debian package here or download the source from here.

Monday, 6 February, 2012

A Selection of Talks from FOSDEM 2012.

It was only some days ago that I made the decision to go, for the first time to the FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting). That was a good decision. The keynotes and the maintracks were very good, with good presentations and contents.

It is a big conference and this year, is not an exception. With 429 speakers and 430 talks at 21 rooms in only two days. It's impossible to see all the presentations. The only 5 rooms with a video camcorder to tape the talk, where: Janson, K.1.105, Ferrer, H.1301, H.1302. It's very dificult to choose what talks to see, what talks to see later in video and what talks to loose. What I leave here is my selection of talks. This selection is representative of my tastes, not of the quality of the presentations. I will give links for material that is available now. I will do periodic updates when the new material is available, the video or the slides.


More resources:


Monday, 28 June, 2010

Published cal-logcheck-database v 0.35

cal-logcheck-database is a personal package that I use to collect extra rules for logcheck. This rules help me keeping the logcheck reports cleaner and informative.

This version have new rules for smartmontools messages and updates the package for squeeze.

You can download the package and the source from here:





In alternative you can install it using apt if you add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb     http://debian.tagus.ist.utl.pt/debian lenny/updates main