Collect and keeps up to date the system information using sysinfoupdate

In 2005 I was looking for ways to auto collect information about a Linux server. The information was to be used in case of bare bones recovery. I didn't found a satisfactory program so I created one, sysinfoupdate. This program have been growing long this years and now is a system that helps to maintain a diary of a Linux Installation. The diary records all the important changes the sysadmin does to the system. This records can be used during recovery after a broken hardware or to detect what change may be causing a malfunction, for example.

It's use is very simple, create a diario directory in your home directory, for example /root/diario, and then run sysinfoupdate. Inside diario you will find a group files with textual information about your system. It works best if you run it as superuser and you keep track of the changes under a version control system, like subversion or git.

You can download the Debian package here or download the source from here.