at daemon 3.2.3

There is a new version of at daemon, 3.2.3. I have incorporated several fixes from other distributions that are using them for some time.

You can download the source and the signature from

The changelog:

at 3.2.3 (2022-01-29):
 Jose M Calhariz
       Fix two typos on documentation
 Giulio Benetti
       MR14 - Makefile: fix parallel build failure
       MR12 - use DESTDIR instead of IROOT
       MR11 - Use quotes to include config.h since it is a local file.
       MR8 - .gitignore: add all files produced during building
       MR13 - getloadavg: use standard fcntl.h for open(), close(), read() and write()
 Danilo Spinella
       MR16 - Fix leaks in at.c
       MR19 - Avoid sleeping when SIGHUP has been received
       MR17 - Set PIDDIR to /run if exists on the system
 Jan Staněk
       MR15 - Address issues raised by static analysis