Preview of amanda 3.3.8-1

While I sort out a sponsor, my sponsor is very busy, here is a preview of the new packages. So anyone can install and test them on jessie.

The source of the packages is in collab-maint.The debs files for jessie are here:




Here comes the changelog:

amanda (1:3.3.8-1~cal0) unstable; urgency=low

  * New Upstream version
    * Changes for 3.3.8
      * s3 devices
          New NEARLINE S3-STORAGE-CLASS for Google storage.
          New AWS4 STORAGE-API
      * amcryptsimple
          Works with newer gpg2.
      * amgtar
          Default SPARSE value is NO if tar < 1.28.
          Because a bug in tar with some filesystem.
      * amstar
          support include in backup mode.
      * ampgsql
          Add FULL-WAL property.
      * Many bugs fix.
    * Changes for 3.3.7p1
      * Fix build in 3.3.7
    * Changes for 3.3.7
      * amvault
          new --no-interactivity argument.
          new --src-labelstr argument.
      * amdump
          compute crc32 of the streams and write them to the debug files.
      * chg-robot
          Add a BROKEN-DRIVE-LOADED-SLOT property.
      * Many bugs fix.
  * Refreshed patches.
  * Dropped patches that were applied by the upstream: fix-misc-typos,
    automake-add-missing, fix-amcheck-M.patch,
  * Change the email of the maintainer.
  * "wrap-and-sort -at" all control files.
  * swig is a new build depend.
  * Bump standard version to 3.9.6, no changes needed.
  * Replace deprecated dependency perl5 by perl, (Closes: #808209), thank
    you Gregor Herrmann for the NMU.

 -- Jose M Calhariz <>  Tue, 02 Feb 2016 19:56:12 +0000