Battle Royale

"Could you kill your best friend?" Do you want to see a shocking movie? Do you liked "Natural Borne Killers" or "Kill Bill Vol.1"?

"Battle Royale" is not a movie for the faint of heart. You see young lovers trying to kill each other. You see teenagers killed by accident. Be prepared, if you watched "Natural Borne Killers" and have not recovered yet, don't see it.

Do you want to know your answer to the first question. You want to see how people can kill for stupid reasons and in stupid situations. You mind to see blood spilt all over the place. Go see it. The story is simple but have details. The book and the movie have made a big uproar in Japan. Members of the Japanese Parliament tried to get the novel and the movie banned. But they only succeed in making then more successful.

I finished the book "Battle Royale" some months ago. I have seen in the theater "Natural Borne Killers" and "Se7en". The extreme movies that I have seen. So this movie was waiting in my list of movies "must to see".

3 out of 5 stars, Because not every one can see it.

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